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Dr. Ruqing Xie

L.Ac. Arizona State USA

M.D. China

Specialist of Acupuncture

Attending Physician in Guangzhou main hospital China

acupucture hand

Specializing in the treatment of

Auto/ Work/ Sports Injuries
Pain Management – Acute & Chronic pain
Women's Health – Menopause, Emotion Problem, Irregular Menstruation,                               Dysmenorrheal
Stress/ Depression/ Anxiety
Heart Disease – Coronary Artery Disease
Stroke (cerebrovascular accident), Paraplegic
Lose weight, Quit smoking, Alcohol, Drug
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Office Address

map 2401 N. Hayden Rd Suite #108 Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(Hayden Family Medical Center)

480-946-5626 (office/fax)

480-452-7255 (cell)